Regnbogateppi - Dinkum Doll

4.390 kr


Tuck Dinkum Dolls in with the snuggly Rainbow Blanket. So soft and perfect for nap time, this reversible blanket is made with 100% cotton and features a custom Dinkum Rainbow. It looks so sweet nestled in our Doll Nyla Changing Basket or placed in a dinky little doll bed. The Rainbow Blanket doubles as a comforting blanket for your little kids too 

Dinkum Dolls love to share with their friends - this blanket is perfect for other dolls too! 

• Made from 100% cotton
• Features a custom rainbow design
• Suitable for ages 3+

• Perfect size for a Dinkum Doll (35cm)
• W34cm x H34cm

Weight: 0.15 kg

 100% náttúrulegt bast (rattan)
 Hentar vel með öðrum dúkkufötum af 35cm dúkkum
 Stærð: 39cm x 41cm x 20cm
 Þyngd: 0,4kg